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Character Interview with Chi-Ro Jin

General Chi-Ro Jin is a hero of the first and second Psychic Wars. He was born on the planet Talis, the son of Space Commodore Jin Lan. He is a master of Hatari Ikou - the Way of Matchless Power, an extremely ancient martial art developed by Mara Kai fighting monks. While a sentinel in the Imperial Court of His Majesty The Emperor Sakara Rey I, he was secretly assigned the role of shamira or protector of Prince Armon of the Blood and has been a key figure in the pivotal Battle of Miru. Chi-Ro is one of the most highly-decorated veterans of the Psychic Wars, having been awarded the Star of Ra, Star of Enki, Order of the Tordon Raptor, Verlaine Star, Sentinel of the Cosmic Sea, Distinguished Aerospace Service Medal, and Commander of the Order of the Eternal Warrior.

  1. How did you first meet Wayne Gerard Trotman?
I am Chi-Ro, son of Jin. I first met Master Wayne, the writer of ‘Veterans of the Psychic Wars’ in a waking dream of my design.

  1. Did you ever expect your adventures to be written in a book?
Certainly not in a Kian book, and my recent portrayal in Talisian opera is somewhat disconcerting. However, I have dedicated my life to the service of His Majesty The Emperor Sakara Rey I; and he has entrusted me with a most important task – the safety of his only son. As shamira to the prince, it seems, my life has become of interest to others. May the scribes record it.

  1. What are your favourite scenes in Veterans of the Psychic Wars: dialogue, romance, action?
I am a warrior not an orator; and I fear that at the hour of succession, the Prince Armon may abdicate for love of his Kian consort. Romance leads to folly, and in times of war, folly leads to death. So I say to you, my favourite scenes involve action, for it is by action that we will bring the Psychic Wars to an end.

  1. Did you have difficulty convincing Wayne Gerard Trotman to write any particular scenes for you?
At times, I sensed a great struggle in the mind of Master Wayne regarding whether some characters should live or die; then there were times when he displayed wanton recklessness regarding the lives of his characters. Often, we were left to wonder who would die when the page was turned. To compound matters, I soon discovered that Master Wayne is also exceptionally stubborn – I suspect he may be Talisian. But, with considerable effort, I was able to influence a few of his decisions.

  1. Have you ever infiltrated Wayne Gerard Trotman’s dreams?
Verily, I am Chi-Ro son of Jin, master of Hatari Ikou, and a veteran of the Psychic Wars. Dream infiltration is but one of my skills. Have you not read the book?

  1. What do you enjoy doing when not on active duty?
I enjoy playing my Sythenian wax wood flute.

  1. Are you currently in a relationship?
No, my beloved consort is no longer in a plane of existence that is accessible to me; and I will love no other.

  1. Are you pleased with the genre you have been placed in?
Verily, military science fiction is a noble genre.

  1. What would you rewrite in Veterans of the Psychic Wars, if you could?
I would completely erase the Kian character known as Dr. Zachary Silverman. I found his frivolous attitude to be most irritating; but he is the loyal friend of Master Armon, and I must admit I gained a measure of enjoyment from sparring with him. Alas, in the end, his portrayal was particularly poignant.  So, in retrospect, perhaps I would not rewrite anything.

  1. Do you like the way your epic adventure ended?
A most satisfactory conclusion; however, I sense that the story has not ended. I expect I will be called upon to wield my sok-bou again.

  1. Would you be interested in a sequel written by Wayne Gerard Trotman?
Verily, even if it were not my sworn duty to serve the Talisian Empire, I would be most interested in the continuation of this epic. Rest assured, I have every confidence that my psychic projections will be successful. There will be a sequel. May the scribes record it.

  1. Are you happy being portrayed in digital editions or would you rather be in paperback versions only?
A veteran of the Psychic Wars cannot be limited by formats - paperback books, eBooks… All formats are suitable. In fact, I believe I would even be quite suited to that archaic form of entertainment, which Kians refer to as ‘movies’. Verily, the Kian known as Jackie Chan would be most ideal for my portrayal. Perhaps I should infiltrate his dreams…

  1. Were you able to contribute to the cover design for Veterans of the Psychic Wars?
Alas, I had been engaged in Imperial duties when the cover was conceived. You will note the conspicuous absence of my image from the book cover. Instead, Kiya Mankuria was granted that honour. It seems she has also been infiltrating Master Wayne’s dreams. I must remind him that beauty can be a deadly weapon; and this is especially true of the highly trained Kiya Mankuria.

  1. What is the lamest characteristic attributed to you by Wayne Gerard Trotman?
You dare to suggest that the son of Jin is lame? Ahhh… Your thoughts are transparent. You refer to the most displeasing characteristic. Forgive my outburst, the Kian use of language is often imprecise and years of combat have left me prone to intolerance. On occasion, Master Wayne made the most unsettling suggestion that Chi-Ro Jin is capable of panic, especially with regards to the protection of the prince. I assure you, I have engaged in the dance of death countless times. Panic, however mild, is not something I am capable of.

  1. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
I suspect, by Kian standards, any well-trained veteran of the Psychic Wars would appear to be superhuman. Nevertheless, despite my attempts, the secret of astral projection continues to elude me.

Author Bio:
Wayne Gerard Trotman is a British writer, filmmaker, artist, photographer, composer and producer of electronic music. Born in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Trotman immigrated to England in 1984, where he lives with his wife and two young sons.

A martial arts enthusiast, he wrote and directed 'Ashes to Ashes', Britain's first martial arts feature-film. He has a cosmopolitan and multi-cultural approach to all his artistic work, which has received recognition internationally. His epic science-fiction novel, 'Veterans of the Psychic Wars', is the first of a proposed 'Psychic Wars' series.

In a distant galaxy known as the Cosmic Sea, Baron Seti Aljyk has caused the Second Psychic War by seizing Najura, the last of the ancient swords of power, and usurping the imperial throne from Sakara Rey, the True Emperor.

On Earth, young schoolteacher Roman Doyle remains unaware he is Prince Armon Sakara, heir apparent of the True Emperor. That is, until he encounters Chi-Ro Jin, a Veteran of the Psychic Wars. Chi-Ro’s mission is to return Roman to the True Emperor, but Roman believes that Chi-Ro is crazy. When Roman’s wife, Soraya, is abducted by the Baron’s assassins, Roman is forced to make the epic journey to the Cosmic Sea.

However he does not go alone. He is joined by his shamira Chi-Ro, Nuri Nemsys a beautiful secret agent, Anah Sadaka the mysterious captain of the Starglider Sanura and Roman’s friend, Zachary Silverman, a quantum physicist.

With his dormant psychic and astral abilities awakened by an alien drug and pursued by the Baron’s assassins, Roman, his friend, and the Veterans of the Psychic Wars face evil and danger in uncharted space and on alien worlds.

Roman must overcome his fears, master the martial art of Hatari Ikou, and learn the secrets of astral projection, in order to rescue his wife, retrieve the sword of power, and bring the Psychic Wars to an end.

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